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Major objective: To facilitate communication among investigators with similar interests under the broad scope of the CFG.

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The following subgroups represent the range of the research being conducted by members of the Consortium. CFG PIs may join one or more subgroups. You will need your login name and password, if you have forgotten your password click here to retrieve.

Subgroup Leader's
1. Glycans in microbe-host interactions

Christine Szymanski

  • Virus receptors
  • Bacterial host cell receptors
  • Fungal receptors
  • Protozoan receptors
2. Glycans in immune recognition and function

Brian Cobb
  • Innate immune recognition of glycans on bacteria, viruses, yeasts etc. by host cell glycan binding proteins
  • Links between innate and adaptive immunity
  • Glycan-based autoantigens
  • Carbohydrate vaccines
  • Glycan-mediated trafficking of leukocytes
  • Regulation of cell signaling receptors
  • Regulation of cell fate during differentiation
3. Glycans in cancer biology

J Michael Pierce

  • Non-antigen roles of glycans in cancer cell biology
  • Proteoglycans and cancer
  • Selectins and metastasis of cancer cells
  • MUCs in cancer
  • Glycan-based cancer biomarkers
4. Glycans in development and physiology

John Hanover

  • Glycans mediating cell-cell interactions during development
  • Glycans as morphogen gradients (e.g. proteoglycans)
  • Glycoprotein clearance
5. Structural glycobiology

Anne Imberty

  • Glycans in protein folding
  • Glycans in modulating protein conformation (e.g. IgG-Fc domain, Glut-2 N-glycan branching)
  • Methods for determining 3D structures of glycans
  • Analysis of molecular interactions of glycan binding proteins and their ligands
  • Predictions of molecular interactions of glycan binding proteins and their ligands
6. Glycan synthesis and microarrays

Geert-Jan Boons

  • Synthesis of glycan ligands for glycan binding proteins
  • Glycan microarrays
7. Glycomics and Glycoinformatics

Stuart Haslam

  • Glycomic profiling of N- and O-linked glycans and glycolipids
  • Database development
  • Novel applications involving data mining

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