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This Core is conducting carbohydrate structure analysis of tissues, cells and glycan-binding protein (GBP) ligands. To this end, glycans and glycoconjugates are being isolated, fractionated and characterized by a variety of state-of-the-art analytical methods including mass spectrometric analysis using MALDI and FAB ionization methods, and ancillary methods such as ES-MS/MS to define the glycoforms present in cells and organs. This Core is working to achieve high-throughput mouse and human glycomics.  Information from this Core is being deposited into the Central Database and carbohydrate structures are being deposited into the Carbohydrate Database.

Specific Objectives

Core C Team
  • Anne Dell, Coordinator
  • Stuart Haslam, Director
  • Lesley Harris, Administrative Assistant
  • Simon North, Structural Analysis and Bioinformatics
  • Jihye Jang Lee, Structural Analysis
  • Anthony Etienne, Structural Analysis