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This Core is determining the phenotype of selected knockout mouse strains. Some strains have been contributed by Participating Investigators and selected by the Steering Committee for their relevance to the CFG. Other novel knockout mouse strains are produced by the Mouse Transgenics Core (F) and are being scheduled for phenotyping with priority status. Standard tests and assays are conducted by three Subcores in the areas of hematology, histology, and immune function. The assays include histologic assessment of organ structure, as well as function of the liver, heart, lung, vasculature, kidneys, and blood cell production, coagulation and homeostasis. The development and function of the innate and acquired immune systems are also studied. Data are being deposited in the Central Database. These studies are providing essential information for pursuing the programís Specific Aims toward defining the functions of glycan-binding proteins (GBPs), glycosyltransferases (GTs), and GBP-ligand relationships.

This Core offers the service of phenotype characterization of mice in the public domain. Phenotype characterization will include hematology, coagulation, serum chemistry, static and induced immune responses and histology. Behavior experiments are no longer being performed. Click here for more information about Core Gís phenotype analysis service.

Specific Objectives
  • Phenotype mice bearing altered GBP and GT genes
  • Breed and supply mice for the Immunology and Metabolism/Behavior Sub-Cores
  • Prepare phenotypic data profiles for transfer to the Bioinformatics Core (B)

Core G Team
  • Jamey Marth and Sally Orr, Coordinators
  • Sally Orr, Director of Immunology Subcore
  • Bobbie Gomez, Immunology Subcore Technician
  • Samantha Kaufman, Mouse Wrangler
  • Nissi Varki, Director of Histology Subcore
  • Lucie Kim, Histology Subcore Technician
  • Dzung Le, Director of Hematology Subcore
  • David Ditto, Hematology Subcore Technician

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