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This Core, in conjunction with the Glycan Array Synthesis Core (D), has developed two screening platforms for identifying lectin-ligand interactions. Core Hs major objective is to conduct assays using the glycan arrays to determine the binding specificity of GBPs submitted by investigators through resource requests approved by the Steering Committee. The primary array platform is the printed microarray. Core H also maintains the first generation streptavidin/biotin-based glycan array for use as appropriate. A secondary analysis method has been developed to quantitate the relative binding affinities of candidate ligands. This Core is collaborating with the Analytical Glycotechnology Core (C) to isolate, biotinylate, and integrate natural glycans from glycoproteins, cells, and tissues into the glycan array. Information on the protocols used to determine GBP binding specificity and the raw and processed data from the analyses are being deposited into the Central Database.

Specific Objectives
  • Develop methods for screening the specificity of GBPs
  • Coordinate with the Glycan Array Synthesis Core (D) to prioritize preparation of biotinylated oligosaccharides
  • Establish the binding specificity and affinity of investigator-supplied GBPs approved by the Steering Committee
  • Implement a secondary analysis method for quantitation of binding parameters
  • Implement methods for isolating natural glycans for inclusion in the glycan array

Glycan-array platforms and generations

To view the current and previous versions of the glycan arrays click here.

Core H Team
  • Rick Cummings, Coordinator
  • David Smith, Director
  • Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro, Analysis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction
  • Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro, Administration
  • Hong Ju, Analysis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction
  • Yi Lasanajak, Analysis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction
  • ChunMei Zhao, Analysis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction

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