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Instructions for Uploading Data to the CFG Database
and Closing Out Resource Requests

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In order to update the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) databases and comply with the Data Sharing Agreement, investigators should upload any data resulting from the use of Core D (glycan compounds) or Core F (knockout mouse) resources.

Raw data resulting from Core C (analytical glycan analysis), Core E (glycogene microarray), and Core H (glycan microarray screening) are uploaded by those cores. Individual investigators are welcome to upload any additional data or figures related to those studies.

Until you choose to make it public, this data will be visible only to other CFG members.

If you wish to close out an individual request, please follow these instructions.

To upload your data to the CFG database:

1. Log in to the CFG website

2. You will see the following page:

3. Select 'Approved Requests'.

4. A page listing all of your approved requests will appear:

5. Select 'Upload Files' and proceed.

For assistance, contact webmaster at glycomics-web@MIT.EDU