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Phase II: Reaching out to the Participating Investigators

One of the goals of the Consortium for Functional Glycomics is to generate resources for the use of investigators in studying the complex biology that governs the interactions of glycan-binding proteins and their ligands in mediating cell communication.

The Scientific Cores need your help and feedback on the following:

Mouse transgenic (core F) and Phenotype (core G)

Major objectives
  • Phenotype at least 4 strains per year
  • Network to coordinate CFG phenotyping with biological evaluations in laboratories of participating investigators (mentors)

  • Needed from Participating Investigators
  • Mentors for strains being phenotyped by Core G

  • Send your suggestions/feedback to either Core G DirectorSally Orr or Core Coordinators Jamey Marth

    Other suggestions:
    • Synthesis of compounds for mammalian glycan array library, N-linked and O-linked glycan for standards (Core D)
    • Mentors for phenotyping KO mice (Core G)
    • Pure human and murine cell populations for glycomics profiling (Core C)
    • Gene expression analysis (Core E)
    • Annotation of glycan binding protein molecule pages for the CFG database (Core B)

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