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Original publication name: Gal-1

Colony code name: GA

Gene symbol: Lgals1

Gene name(s): L14 S-type lectin, Galbp, galectin-1, L-14.5, L14, Lect14

Protein name: Galectin-1

Chromosome: 15

Reported function: Non-enzymatic, non-immunological b-galactosidase binding protein

Genomic DNA source: Not reported

Mutation type: Knockout, neo replacement

ES cell line: CCE (Robertson E.)

Current genetic background: Mixed C57Bl/6 and 129/Sv

Name of contributing investigator: Cummings R.

Name of institution: The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Primary reference: Poirier F. and Robertson EJ. Development. 1993;119(4):1229-1236. [PubMed]

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