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Pathogen glycan array no longer available for resource requests

The CFG developed a pathogen glycan array that was briefly available for investigators' use until funding for the project was halted by NIGMS in 2008. The CFG is currently seeking alternative funding for the pathogen glycan array. This site will be updated as more information becomes available.
The pathogen array was used to screen mammalian glycan-binding proteins (GBPs) for binding to bacterial polysaccharides in order to explore the roles of these proteins in innate immune detection of microbial carbohydrates. The array proved to be a highly accurate and sensitive assay for GBP specificity in preliminary screening studies. The original pathogen glycan array (version 1.0) had 96 glycan targets representing E. coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Providencia alcalifaciens, Providencia rustigianii, Providencia stuartii, Shigella boydii, and Shigella dysennteriae, largely provided by Dr. Yuri Knirel's group at the ND Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow, Russia. Pathogen array v1.0 was engineered by coupling these bacterial polysaccharides to NHS-activated glass slides, the same platform utilized for the currently available CFG mammalian glycan array. A second version of the pathogen array was in development when the project was halted.

More information on the pathogen glycan array and pathogen glycans

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