Glycosyltransferase Database

The Glycosyltransferase Database is a graphic interface that allows users to identify linkages of interest in the glycan structures of N- and O-linked glycans and glycolipids and to identify glycosyltransferases capable of forming those linkages. Once a glycosyltransferase of interest is identified, the interface allows navigation to a molecule page specific to that enzyme which is a portal to CFG and public information.

The Consortium acknowledges the following experts who helped construct and annotate the composite structures to identify glycosyltransferases capable of forming each of the linkages: Henrik Clausen, Richard Cummings, Philippe Delannoy, Jeffrey Esko, Hudson Freeze, Minoru Fukuda, Stefan Hemmerich, Alfred Merrill, James Paulson, Risto Renkonen, Steven Rosen, Harry Schachter and Ronald Schnaar.

Graphic Interface

A graphic interface for navigating the glycosyltransferase database is provided by two categories of pages, 'Core' and 'Terminal/Extension' composite structure pages. Use the hyperlinks at the top to navigate between these composite structure pages.
  • 'Core' composite structure diagrams indicate types of linkages between sugars, as well as positions at which extension sequences are possible. For the N- and O-linked core structures, the reducing sugar's linkage to the amino acid in the protein sequence is indicated.

  • 'Terminal/Extension' composite structure diagrams indicate types of linkages between sugars, as well as positions at which additional extension sequences are possible. The Type 2 Terminal/Extension composite structure diagram is shown on the right. In the composite structure for Core 1 O-linked glycans, the GalNAc at the reducing end is the GalNAc that links to the threonine or serine of the protein. In the case of all other N- and O-linked composite structures, the attachment to the core structure is indicated by a 'Core sequence' symbol, and the GlcNAc at the reducing end can be any of the GlcNac's at the non-reducing ends of Core structures to which extension sequences may be attached.

Glycosyltransferase Molecule Pages     [To view sample, click here]

Clicking on any linkage in a composite structure will provide a list of the glycosyltransferases capable of synthesizing that structure, and clicking on any glycosyltransferase in that list will produce a molecule page for that enzyme. The molecule pages consist of a series of tabbed sub-pages that contain information and links to publicly-available databases as well as to CFG resources and data, where available. The tabs are:
  • General
  • Reference
  • Genome
  • Proteome
  • Activity
  • Biology

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